Massage in Vashi - Center & Parlour Vashi Massage Near Me
Massage in Vashi – Center & Parlour Vashi Massage Near Me

Are you looking for a rejuvenating massage in Vashi ? Massage is an excellent way to de-stress your body from your hectic schedule, especially because of your office work and at time home too. There is a high percentage of people that tend to miss work atleast once just because of stress and its side effects. Extremely hard physical activities such as hectic travelling and sitting long hours before the computer can lead to headaches, body pains, frozen shoulders, depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

A relaxing massage can help you rejuvenate your body and mind providing you with the necessary boost to face the stressful routine life once again. Body massage is a conventional and spiritual way to rejoice your whole body with various techniques of massage.

How We Pamper You at Our Spa ? Massage Center in Vashi

The ambience of our spa melts away most of the stress in your body. The aroma of fragrant oils and lotions will recharge your mind and body. Even before you begin your massage session, you will sense a deep calm and balance within. The moment you walk in, you will be aerated in a Zen-like environment. We ensure that we offer an environment that will pamper your aesthetics. After getting a massage at our massage parlour in Vashi, you are definitely going to come back for more. There are many hidden features that make a massage centre a perfect place to relax. We ensure that we have ensured that all these features are in place so you can have a wonderful time here. Here are some features of our massage centre:

Perfect Lighting

Our spa centre has lights that are pale yellows, green and blues. All these colours are meant to evoke positive emotions people and create variable degrees of calm. Pale yellows are neutral and happy colours for many people, as it promotes a sense of healing. In several people, yellow proliferates attention and focus. Light greens and blues are calming colours that help the people to relax. Once you have had a rejuvenating massage, these colours help in feeling refreshed. Blue is the colour of water and sky. We have picked the perfect hue for our massage centre so you may feel whole, peaceful, and tranquil. The hue of green used in our parlour is refreshing, comforting, and has a calming effect on the people.


Our massage centre offers a sense of release and relief so you can disconnect from the things that you are worried about back in office or home and step into a world of relaxation. Several studies say that our brainwaves align with music played at 60 beat/minute. This way the brainwaves are parallel to what we experience while we are awake but in a relaxed mode. We ensure that the music played at our massage entre relaxes the clients in their subconscious. There is a variety of music that we play as we take from the nature, such as pulsating rain, birdsong, colliding waves, babbling brooks. We also have calming music from the violins, flutes, and harps. There are many traditional themes from different cultures that are extremely satisfying to listen to, and we have them on our playlist for you.

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The moment you step in our spa, you will feel a fresh, calming, and tropical feeling that will instantly calm you down and bring a smile to your face. Our massage centre always smells delicious with the hand-picked fragrances that we use every day. We use lavender, cedarwood, orange, peppermint, clary sage, geranium, and ylang-ylang. These fragrances uplift your mood and remain throughout your massage session, enhancing the effects of the body massage.

What to Expect from a Body Massage at Our Massage Parlour in Vashi ?

Depending on the type of massage you choose, it will typically last for 90 minutes. There are different types of table massages that we offer along with chair massages. Here is what you must expect in a massage therapy session:

  • Soothing music is run in the background whilst you are getting a massage. Some may find it distracting, you may inform your therapist about it, and we will turn it off for you.
  • The massage therapist will check the pressure that you are comfortable with. You must never take the pain or act as if you are normal. Inform your therapist about it and tell them the pressure that you are comfortable in. This way, you will be comfortable throughout your massage session.
  • The massage table is well-padded, along with extra attachments such as cushions, face cradles that allow you to lie face down without having to face down uncomfortably.
  • Massage therapists use lotion or oil or a combination of both for the massage session. If there are certain oils that you are allergic to, then you must inform them before.
  • If you have opted for a hot stone massage, then you must inform them about the heat that you can take. The temperature of the stones can be regulated, and if you find it uncomfortable, then inform the therapist about it instantly.
  • The massage therapist will then perform the massage session on you. They will concentrate on the problematic areas that you have informed them about – such as shoulders, legs, hands or calves, etc.
  • You must breathe normally throughout the massage session. It is quite normal for you to fall asleep whilst you are undergoing the session. Don’t worry about dozing off, it is perfectly normal as the body is relaxed, and all the pain in your body tends to vanish in a massage session.
  • Once the massage is over, the therapist will ask you to get up slowly and then get dressed in private.
  • A massage therapy offers cumulative benefits. You must inform about your physical condition to the therapist, so they perform a customized massage. This will help you in achieving your wellness goals.

We Offer Rejuvenating Vashi Body Massage Near me

Our massage centre in Vashi offers a variety of massages. You can take an appointment with us so as to avoid the waiting time for a massage therapy session. However, you can always walk-in at our massage centre and get a rejuvenating massage in Vashi.

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