Massage in Mumbai - Massage Center & Parlour Massage Near Me
Massage in Mumbai – Massage Center & Parlour Massage Near Me

Are you looking for a relaxing massage in Mumbai ? Our spa is centrally located in Mumbai and offers a variety of healing and rejuvenating massage to our clients. We have a team of skilled massage therapists that ensure you undergo the most soothing massage therapy session during your visit to our massage parlour.

Massage is gaining its popularity by the day ever since thousands are benefitting from its results. Medical science and researches reveal its importance when you are trying to recover from physical pain or stress. We customize body massages according to our customer’s requirements and based on that have a long list of different massages to offer. Today we will reveal to you the top three popular massages, how they are performed and their benefits.

Thai Massage – Massage in Mumbai

Although it goes by the name Thai massage, it is actually a form of massage that uses the combination of Indian, Chinese and other Southeast Asian cultures and medicinal practices. The massage is practised in different forms across the world and it is one of the massages in which the person who receives the massage actively participates in the entire process.

How is Thai massage performed ? Mumbai Massage Near Me

This is a healing massage which uses the energy lines of the body to heal. The therapist will use their hands, feet, legs, and knees to stretch and guide you through a series of movements, which is quite similar to yoga. These moves will release all the negative energy present in your body. The key points of your body are slowly pressed in a rhythmic movement. This helps in healing the body both physically and spiritually.

What are the benefits of Thai Massage ? Massage Parlour in Mumbai

Thai massage helps in discharging the metabolic waste of the body and improves the circulation of blood and lymph. It also enhances the flexibility of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, relieves headaches and boosts energy. Thai massage also lowers stress and decelerates the process of aging.

Swedish Massage – Massage Center in Mumbai

The Swedish massage was developed in Sweden in the 18th century. Techniques from different cultures such as Greek, Chinese, Roman, and Egyptian are used in this method of massage.

How is Swedish massage performed ?

The massage therapist will use five main techniques while performing a Swedish massage – kneading, stroking, tapping, vibration and rubbing. Expect the therapist to rub your muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. The massage is customized by speaking to our clients, so the therapist understands their specific needs.

What are the benefits of Swedish massage ?

Swedish massage is extremely helpful for enhancing the level of oxygen in the blood, improving circulation, decreasing muscle toxins and flexibility of the body as it eases tension. It gets rid of any waste products of the body and gives you skin a special glow. The movements in this massage can be rigorous or slow – depending on your likeness you can request the therapist to be gentle or more rigorous with their moves.

Aromatherapy Massage

This technique of massage uses essential oils and aromatic scents along with body massage. The history of when aromatherapy was developed is less known, but there are many cultures across the world that have some contribution to this type of massage therapy. Egyptians, Chinese, Greek, French and Egyptians are all thought to have their own history of fragrances.

How is Aromatherapy performed ?

The massage therapist uses different types of essential oils or massage lotion comprising of essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, geranium, rosemary, tea tree, pine, clary sage and others. Most therapists use the Swedish massage technique to spread the oil/lotion over your body and then massage it over the skin so it can be absorbed by your body.

What are the benefits of Aromatherapy massage ?

Every essential oil offers a different set of benefits and therapists will mix two or more oils and use it in the massage session so you can get optimum benefits as per the issues that you have. Aromatherapy massage can help in depression, insomnia, anxiety, menstrual pain, dementia symptoms and is a wonderful supportive care for cancer patients. There are several other benefits that aromatherapy massage offers.

Why should I get a body massage in Mumbai ?

Mumbai is the happening city of India. It is here that life is extremely fast and to uphold one’s lifestyle one must work pretty hard. Work pressure along with long-distance travelling within the city can leave you drained and over-stressed. Most working people suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulders, stress, depression, back pain, and anxiety. Medicine should not be the alternative to such conditions. They make you dependant on them and lead to several health issues, including concentration issues, urinary issues, problem in performing routine activities and more.

Therefore it is only wise that you look for an alternative to ease all these issues and massage is a wonderful way to energize your body and reset it from all physical pain and mental stress. There are hundreds of researches to prove how massage in Mumbai can alleviate pain and heal various physical conditions.

Why should you get massage at our Mumbai parlour ?

We have a long list of satisfied and happy customers who will vouch for the quality services that we provide at our massage parlour in Mumbai.

  • Our spa centre is well-equipped with all the modern amenities that will ensure you have a relaxing time here.
  • Every massage therapist is skilled, experienced and trained to perform various massages. You can rely on their skills to give you a rejuvenating massage.
  • The linen used in the therapy sessions is used just once and then sent for washing and sterilization.
  • Any equipment that is for one-time usage is disposed of immediately in front of the customers.
  • Cleanliness is maintained throughout the spa center so all our customers can have a relaxing session.

You can book an appointment with us to avoid any wait time. We ensure that you will have a splendid massage session at our spa centre right here in Mumbai.

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